Casa per le vacanze ad Alicudi

The holiday home

In this breathtaking setting, the spacious private holiday home sits enthroned on the Sgurbio ridge, 200 metres above sea level and offers a spectacular panoramic location. The house, built in the characteristic Aeolian style, not only impresses with its architectural beauty, but also with its unique location, which offers an unrivalled view over the sea.

The careful restoration of the property placed particular emphasis on preserving the traditional building elements, thereby maintaining the original charm of the house. The various terraces of the holiday home offer sweeping views of the surrounding neighbouring islands of Filicudi, Salina, Lipari and Vulcano. On a clear day, the view even extends to the still active volcanoes Stromboli and Etna, which sit majestically on the horizon.

“A dream house floating on rocks between the sky and the sea.”

The secluded location of the holiday home creates an atmosphere of peace and seclusion, making it an ideal retreat for an unforgettable holiday surrounded by nature. Each room in the house is uniquely designed and contributes to the individual charm of the entire ensemble. The harmonious combination of traditional aesthetics, modern comfort and the Mediterranean landscape make this place a truly magical retreat for discerning travellers who want to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature to the full.

The holiday home offers a reliable internet connection via WLAN. We have been receiving our internet via Starlink satellites since 2023. The download and upload speeds correspond to those of European fibre optic connections and therefore guarantee a fast and stable internet connection. This is more than sufficient for streaming films and music or working from home.

“Perfect silence in Mediterranean nature, accompanied only by the sounds of the wind and waves.”

The property impresses not only with its spacious terraces, but also with numerous secluded spots that offer absolute privacy. Here you can experience nature in its purest form, accompanied by undisturbed tranquillity. Between almond, olive and orange trees, caper bushes, pines and cacti as well as an imposing, shady holm oak, you will discover flowers blooming all year round. The scents of Mediterranean herbs fill the air, while the bamboo rustles gently in the wind and the calming sound of the sea can be heard in the distance. In this idyllic place, the senses merge with nature and every corner of the property invites you to surrender to the magic of the surroundings.

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