Casa per le vacanze ad Alicudi

The garden and nature

The property impresses with its three spacious terraces and numerous secluded spots that offer absolute privacy. Here you can experience nature in its purest form, accompanied by undisturbed tranquillity. Between almond, olive and orange trees, cedars, capers, pines, hibiscus and cacti, you will discover flowers blooming all year round. The scents of Mediterranean herbs fill the air, while the bamboo rustles gently in the wind and the soothing sound of the sea can be heard in the distance. In this idyllic place, the senses merge with nature and every corner of the property invites you to surrender to the magic of the surroundings.

“A place of peace and closeness to nature”

In the midst of this paradise, you are invited to enjoy the fruits directly from the garden. The property is located far away from conventional agriculture, which means that the soil has most likely never been exposed to pesticides. Nature rewards this with an unrivalled diversity of species. You will discover numerous plants and flowers that you have never seen before.

The air here is clear and fresh, with the typical Mediterranean scents. If you breathe in deeply, you will feel the refreshing breeze and the characteristic flavours of this environment. A simple, natural pleasure for those who appreciate such detail.

“Simple pleasures in natural surroundings”

During the day, three hammocks and various seating areas are available on the property. The chirping of the birds and the constant sound of the sea with the unique view give this place a natural authenticity and invite you to switch off. At night, the unadulterated starry sky is a highlight. There are no street lights on Alicudi, so the starry sky is unrivalled.