Travelling to Alicudi

The journey to Alicudi starts with choosing the ideal starting point on the Italian mainland. From there, the route to this remote Aeolian island promises to be an impressive journey. Below we explain the various means of transport and picturesque routes that make this journey an unforgettable experience.

The options are explained in more detail below so that you can plan your journey in the best possible way.

Travelling by ferry and speedboat


Milazzo (Sicily)

Most boat connections by ferry or speedboat (Aliscafo) leave from the Sicilian harbour of Milazzo.

There are daily direct speedboat connections to Alicudi in the morning and at midday (schedule: .

There is a direct ferry from Milazzo to Alicudi several times a week in the early morning (schedule: 



There is a ferry connection from Naples to the Aeolian Islands twice a week throughout the year. The ferry leaves Naples in the evening and you arrive on the Aeolian Islands the next morning. You only have to change boats on the island of Salina to get to Alicudi.

Travelling via Naples is our insider tip. Especially in the summer months, we recommend booking a ticket including cabin online in advance. On the day of departure, you can easily exchange your booking confirmation for a ticket at the ticket office at the harbour in Naples up to 2 hours before departure (Ticketoffice on Google Maps: Ticket-Office). You can usually check in for the ferry about 2 hours before departure.

Fahrplan Neapel nach Alicudi: 


  • Naples – change at Salina – Alicudi : Tuesdays and Fridays (arrival the next day in the morning)
  •  Alicudi – change at Salina – Naples : Mondays, Thursdays (arrival the next day in the morning)

From mid-May to the end of October, there is a direct connection between Alicudi and Palermo several times a week via Aliscafo. The journey takes about 2 hours.


Messina and Reggio di Calabria

In the summer months there are connections by Aliscafo from Messina to Lipari. Aliscafos and a boat run daily from Lipari to Alicudi.

Booking in advance

  • It is recommended to book ferry tickets in advance, especially during the high season, to ensure you get a seat.


Shipping lines


Alicafo (Milazzo & Palermo):
Ferry (Napels & Milazzo):

Anreise per Flug

Per Flug erfolgt die Anreise über Neapel, Catania oder Palermo.

Von Palermo Flughafen gibt es eine direkte Busverbindung Richtung Palermo-Hafen

Von Neapel Flughafen gibt es eine direkte Busverbindung im 15 min Takt bis zum Hafen Neapels.

Von Catania Flughafen gibt es eine direkte Busverbindung nach Milazzo.

Travelling by flight

Travelling by air is via Naples, Catania or Palermo.

From Palermo airport there is a direct bus connection to Palermo harbour (Airport Shuttle Bus, Schedule) .

From Naples airport there is a direct bus service every 15 minutes to Naples harbour ( Alibus, Schedule) .

From Catania airport there is a direct bus connection to Milazzo (Guintabus, Schedule .

Travelling by train

Naples is easily accessible by train from southern Germany and Switzerland.

Milan is the northern starting point for the Italian train service. With TrenItalia (Freccia Rossa) or with the train provider Italo , you can cover the distance from Milan to Naples in just under 4 hours. From Naples, you can then continue your journey by ferry to Alicudi. From Naples Central Station (Napoli Centrale), it is a 20-minute walk to the harbour (Napoli Porto).

It is advisable to be at the harbour at least 2 hours before the ferry departs.

All the above information is for your information only and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. If you need recommendations or help with your journey, we will be happy to help you.